"HEAVY ETHICS: Le Jazz rencontre le Rock -- là où les émotions sont instantanées, pures, parfois sauvages ; là où la musique ouvre notre esprit et nos sens pour nous révéler des formes d'expression uniques, nous interroger. Osez l'aventure !" - Corinne Cecilia, former contributor to Le Jazz Hot

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Written by me!I WAS going to translate Corinne's above quote regarding the band, but hey, you can use Google translate now ;)

This section is hard to write. I can't even begin to describe how much this music means to me. The care, the effort ... heck just getting the notes right is a technical challenge! Belying the funny (to us :) song titles, is music that is challenging, complex, unique if not strange to some, but oh so very us.

It can be visceral. It can be funny. At times sweet and tender. Most of the time in overdrive, feeding off the energy of the audience and each other. The influences are many - classical, jazz, bossa, rock, art music, noise, avant-garde, gypsy, eastern european, funk ... the result is unique and individual to each of us as composers and performers.

We are not perfect. And there will be hiccups in some of our performances. But it is what it is. No "photoshopping" to mask the flaws. No fifty takes on recordings because how we improvise and perform is just as important for us to document as our compositions. It is us and our music, telling our stories in a language that doesn't need words.

Cheers and I hope you enjoy!

Rommel Reyes

P.S. We plan on recording again this year. The free downloads on this page are not for audiophiles - they were recorded off my Mac laptop. But they are energetic and enjoyable if you can get past the sound quality and non-mix. Our Electronic Press Kit (EPK) contains three tracks from our CD 'Rhubarb' and some YouTube videos.

Composition List

Score - Untitled Organ Tune by Christopher Norman Chris Norman
· Brown's Tantrums
· Jerk Store
· King of Knowing Things
· Rex
· Sum Of Its Balls
· The Quiet Stench Of Love
· The Theme
· Turnips
· Untitled

James Scott
· Blitzed
· Calibrating Grusin's Tech
· Happy Birthday Christopher Norman!
· Mainleh For Meh
· New York Waft
· This Is Your Big Chance, Rommel Reyes
· To-going Away
· Waste Case Scenario
· What Drugs Are You Selling Today?
· Yes! Yes! The Ducks Are Eating My Snow Tires!

Rommel Reyes
· Britney Sneer
· Captain Caveman
· Corporate Rage
· Holy Cow, Please Forgive Me For Eating Beef!
· Island Hopping
· January
· L'Oiseaux
· Obscure
· Putrid II
· Worldnet CMS Project
· You're Not Alone