"Heavy Ethics your sense of humour is weird. Your playing makes up for it though" - ElbowSmash1980 (YouTube comment)

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our story: part i

i can't remember the year nor the exact date and time. my muscles were sore and so was my wrist. i reached over my bed to grab a copy of the Now magazine lying on the floor. quickly and with much soreness i flipped to the back of the magazine looking for a massage parlour/i mean therapist.

not having found one with the proper qualifications, my fingers began to wander, flipping incessantly through the classifieds until i stumbled upon the music section. there it was. beckoning me. an ad so blatantly cocky it called my name. "keybOardist wanted. chops a must."

withouT hesitation i picked up the phone and with muscles fatigued from hard labour and a head swollen from a hangover i dialed The number.

"hey!", i Replied.
"may i help yoU?"
"i have chops"
"excuse me?"
"i have chops man"
"what the fuck arE you talking about?"
"i have chops man! i'm answering your keyboard ad in the now magazine!"
"i didn't put no ad in the now magazine!!"
(oops! wrong number)

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